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CITRAGPS Vehicle Tracking System Our user interface is built using the latest online technologies, offering ease-of-use and high availability. Access is via web browser, from any location connected to the internet. Client Login
  • Track and Analyze
    Track and Analyze Focus more on your business by taking full control of your fleet with the CITRAGPS vehicle tracking platform. Track and analyze key performance indicators. Optimize your costs and operations. Increase the responsiveness and income generated by your fleet.
  • Fleet Performance Indicators
    Fleet Performance Indicators The CITRAGPS vehicle tracking system is well appreciated by companies with small fleets as well as companies with large fleets, being a real management instrument in their business process. Using the CITRAGPS vehicle tracking solution, your company will optimize the costs of the fleet, and offer better services to the clients. The managers can make better informed business decisions by analyzing key fleet performance indicators.
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CITRAGPS Interface - Fleet Monitoring

CITRAGPS vehicle tracker's interface is fully developed by our company and we focus on usability, i.e. usage is simple and quick as all complex functionalities of the application.

Each account can hold an unlimited number of users with different rights on vehicles, or any group functionality.

The interface is organized into modules and these are:

Module Map
- Real-time tracking and recording of vehicle routes and mileage
- Monitoring and recording condition of the vehicle (engine status, speed, additional sensors, alarm)
- Monitoring of deviations from normal operation (speeding, violation perimeters, violations slots)
- View information about routes and vehicles running on a vector map with street level detail with worldwide coverage.
- Defining perimeters / restricted areas (sites, special areas, etc.)
- Defining points of interest (customers, suppliers, warehouses, etc)
- Communication with the driver (with additional equipment)

Fleet Management Module
This tool allows you to enter documents for vehicles (RCA, Vignettes, Repair, Insurance, etc.) and their processing in specific reports to track their expiry and costs per vehicle / group or per type of document / document group. Also, you can enter or import automatically feeds the fuel.

Reports Module
- Fuel Consumption Report - easily highlight fuel consumption depending on mileage
- Daily Activity Report - highlight daily activity of each vehicle
- Roadmap Report - details transits and locations where there were vehicles, as well as working hours, distances, times and starting dates
- Route Report - allows detailed visualization of the route of a vehicle up to the succession of streets which circulated
- Time Violations Report - useful for finding additional miles on the fleet has traveled outside preset schedules
- Perimeter Violations Report - to view the time intervals when the vehicle entered or came out of the perimeters defined by you
- Location Report - to view the location of any vehicle at some point
- Points of Interest Report - to track interest points (customers, suppliers, etc) visited your vehicles
- Stationary Report - for viewing times and locations of stationary vehicle
- Fleet Summary Report - consolidated report of your fleet activity
- Speed Report ​​- for easily viewing and operation of vehicles speeding
- Fuel Level Report - allows using a probe tracking litrometrice additional change in the fuel tank, detailing moments inconsistent with the
  normal exploitation of variation (feeds / theft)
- Driving Style Report - allows viewing events of sudden acceleration, sudden braking curve speed - for equipment equipped with
  3-axis G sensor
- Status Report - allows viewing conditions inflows equipment configured with certain actions (taxi on / off mode, private / public, tilting, etc).

Module Configuration
- Configure vehicles - details registration number, cost centers, speed, mileage recorded on a certain date, consumption stationary
  moving consumer
- Adding drivers - drivers entering telephone numbers and descriptions
- Setup time - allow pairing car-driver and define the hours
- Configuration restrictions - allows adding / deleting / modifying zoning restrictions
- Groups - allow sharing vehicles cost centers (groups)
- Interface Settings - allows you to change various settings interface (language, default map, colors, etc.)


• Ignition on and off
Records all ignition ons and offs. Once a vehicle starts to move it will report its position, speed and direction of travel at timed preset intervals. Customers may configure these intervals to meet their own requirements.

• Stop/Start & idling monitoring
Reports when a vehicle physically starts and stops moving.

• Harsh braking and fast acceleration monitoring
Report on sudden braking and rapid acceleration of the vehicle to monitor driver performance.

• Additional telemetry input/output monitoring
Monitor additional features such as door opening, refrigeration temperatures etc.

• Live and historical reports
Standard reports include Management, Vehicle Activity, Speeding, Idling and Replay a Day.

• Mileage and service monitoring with e-mail alerts
Monitor mileage & service intervals.

• Pan and zoom maps to street level
Fully integrated road map linked to Google Earth.

• Geo-fencing
Receive alerts by SMS when a vehicle enters or leaves a pre-determined location.

• Multi-user system access
Unlimited system access for authorised users, levels of access determined by principle account holder.

• Web based platform
Log on from anywhere in the world from a PC with Internet access.

There are 4 standard reports to choose from. However, bespoke reports can be designed to meet all organizations individual needs:

- Activity Report
Shows all activity including ignition on and offs, timed updates and idling.

- Speeding Report
Shows all speeds over a specific MPH, within a user defined period.

- Idling Report
Shows periods spent idling, total idling time and locations where idling took place.

- Historic Playback
Shows an animated run through of the vehicle's movement that day.

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